Duk bokki (Spicy rice cakes 떡볶이)

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Also known as Tteokbokki, this is a popular Korean snack food.  I first tasted this from the to-go counter at a local Korean Supermarket.  My husband likes this a lot and because it’s so easy to make, we prefer making our own than buying from the store.

Here’s my easy recipe:


Rice Cake (Tubes), Green Onions, Fish Cake, Red Bell Peppers, Hot Pepper Paste, Dried Anchovy, Sugar, Sesame Oil and Water

Prepare your ingredients: Wash the rice cakes in cold water and separate the tubes into individual pieces. Slice the fish cakes, green onions and mince the bell pepper.

In a shallow pan, add 3-4 cups of cold water and add 5-10 large pieces of dried anchovies depending on your taste(making sure to remove the heads and intestines).  Cover your pan and boil for a couple of minutes over medium high heat.  Remove the anchovies and add the rice cakes, 5 Tbsp. of hot pepper paste and 1 Tbsp. of sugar.  Mix and simmer for 1 minute.

Add the remaining ingredients, bell peppers, fish cakes and green onions.  Keep cooking and stir until the spicy sauce thickens.  Before serving, add a dash of sesame oil.  Serve warm!!  Perfect snack, appetizer, or meal.  Enjoy!!!


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