A Tribute to my Mom

I created this video in 2012 for my Mom’s 68th birthday celebration.

Today in Manila – October 14, 2015 marks the 1st Anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  I just want to post this video and share to the world how beautiful, strong, talented, loving and compassionate my Mother was.  

Ma, I love you.  Nobody can ever know how much I miss you.  I miss your voice, I miss your smell, I miss you being around us, I miss everything about you… most of all, I miss your warm embrace.

I pray for your eternal rest.

Last photo taken with my Mom (August 2014)

My Children… 


I am a Mother of our two most precious Angels, God-given, Life-motivating, and our source of Happiness. Having our children changed me as a person, made me a stronger woman, taught me to be more patient, fearless, selfless, brave, God-fearing, creative, hardworking, silly, nagging, fun-loving, and compassionate.  As our children grow, and as I age, I slowly realize my stages of growth when I was a child myself, growing up with 3 siblings being raised by our parents back in The Philippines.  Every stage, I tend to flash back and discern the struggle my parents had to overcome.  It’s not easy to raise children but it is definitely The Best thing in my life, my family.  My husband and our children they are the source of my strength. 
I got this book today from the Thrift Store in Tustin for only $0.50.  I am excited to learn more and understand how to inprove my parenting skills.  That’s another thing I learned as a parent, spending money wisely 😉 and THAT, is very important.

Thanks for reading!

Pinakbet (Filipino steamed mixed vegetable dish)


When I saw this Veggie grab bag ad in one of my favorite Asian grocer (Tokyo Central formerly known as Marukai Market) magazine, I thought the veggies will be more like green beans, carrots, Brussel sprouts but when we went to the market, I grabbed a veggie bag and filled it with cherry tomatoes, okra and mushrooms.  With all that I have, plus my left-over quarter kabocha (a Japanese variety of winter squash), today I cooked Pinakbet.

Store magazine ad for All-You-Can-Fit-In-A-Bag
Store magazine ad for All-You-Can-Fit-In-A-Bag (Vegetables) for $1.88/bag

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The Ultimate Filipino Elvis Fan (STORYLINE)

Remedios Quintos Ferranco was featured on a local Philippine show called Storyline. This documentary shows us the Remy Ferranco we all know and how much she loves being an Elvis Presley fan.

If you have twenty minutes available, keep on reading and watching.  This is a video of my Mom when she was featured on TV in a show called “Storyline.”  It was during their season 3 when this show was broadcasted on Philippine TV, I think in 2008 if I remember well.

Being away for my Mom, and watching this video makes me feel so enthusiastic about seeing her soon when we visit her this summer.  To all of her friends who will be watching this.. feel free to send her a message through me.

She’s strong, she’s hardworking, she’s proud, she’s loving and she’s an avid fan.  My Mom.

Storyline:  “Everyone is a story”


Before I was a Mom … I never felt how it was to instantly love a stranger the moment you held them in your arms after birth.  It was a feeling of unfathomable love.

Before I was a mom … I had a shower in the morning and before I went to bed.

Before I was a mom … everything I saw my Mom did for me was a mystery.  I questioned every decision she made for me, protested against her strict ways of running the household, felt embarrassed with her when she just wanted to spend time with me, and never quite appreciated her sacrifice for me.

Before I was a mom … I had my career and my professional social life.  I wore tailored clothes and high-heeled shoes.  I blow-dried my hair everyday and I didn’t smell like baby powder, chicken teriyaki, or Clorox spray.

Before I was a mom … I never had to check on anybody at night and made sure they are warm and snuggled in their blankets.  I slept all night long and woke up late specially on weekends.

Before I was a mom … I ironed my jeans.

Before I was a mom … our home was completely clean and neat.  No hand prints on the sliding glass doors, no toys under the bed, no rubber duckies in the tub, no colorful mismatched utensils in my kitchen, no dolls and knick knacks anywhere in the house.  It was truly immaculate.

Before I was a mom … it wasn’t a diaper bag or an extra-large purse for me…

Before I was a mom … I loved to go window shopping.  Spent hours driving around town, store-hopping and shopping.

Before I was a mom … I only have two to three loads of laundry in a week.  I didn’t care about the cost of laundry soap, the price of bringing clothes to the cleaners, and the cost of clothes even if I didn’t like the style.

Before I was a mom

I was ignorant and life was incomplete.  Motherhood taught me honor and made me selfless.

However, this post is not about me nor is it for me.  It is for my Mommy.

My Mommy who tried her best to provide us with everything we needed.  She sacrificed a lot, thinking that what she was doing was always for the good of her children.  She taught me to be ambitious, thrifty, compassionate, honest, God-loving, hardworking, and most importantly, she made sure I know how to love my family with all my heart and commit myself to being a good mother and wife.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.  I love you Ma!

Farmer’s Market Day – Historic Park @ the Irvine Ranch

We are very lucky to have a number of local farmer’s market around where we live.  Going to a farmer’s market makes me remember memories of going to the wet/dry markets of Manila with my parents when I was young.  The picture below was taken during our last vacation in 2009 at a wet market in Pasay City, Manila.

This place is called “Dampa Seafood Market.”  It is located alongside rows of restaurants that cooks the freshest seafoods (according to how one wants it cooked) purchased at stalls like the one in the photo below.  This is another story I will explore on our next visit to Manila (this year) and will definitely share to all my readers 🙂

It was a beautiful morning today so I decided to bring my daughters to the Farmer’s Market located behind the Katie Wheeler Library in Irvine.  This particular farmer’s market is open on Tuesdays only from 9AM to 1PM.  I’ve been going to this place for many years now.  It’s only a small group of local sellers but every time I go there, I get to buy everything that I need.

The best inspiration to a good meal are fresh organic ingredients readily available and affordable.

Fond memories are created each time I bring my children to this place.  When they grow up, they will always remember the happy times we shared going to farmer’s markets and the library 🙂

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Katie Wheeler Library – Great library for the family!  I’ve been bringing my children here since it opened in 2008.  This library shows a great history of the Irvine family.  I specially love the Children’s department at the library where I can relax and read books with my daughters.

It’s a Princess!

It’s been months; I agree.  I have my reasons and here’s my proof 🙂

It’s not a joke to undergo first trimester specially if you’re the kind of woman that I am.  I’ve been sick (to my stomach) – worst case of morning sickness ever.  If you put yourself in my shoe, I don’t know if you will have the energy, will-power and motivation to write up something on your blog as well (LOL!!!).

I am 20 weeks pregnant now and we are expecting a baby girl Spring of 2011.  My precious Jade will be a big sister soon.  Bok and I will be parents to two beautiful princesses.  I really can’t wait… ahhhh… uhmm… actually, I “can” wait.  I want to enjoy each day that I am pregnant because this is all part of our family history.  Now that I am feeling much better, I am more content.

I cannot blog on new recipes yet because since I had an extreme case of morning sickness… I stopped cooking for 3 months!!!  IMAGINE THAT?  3 long months!  I just can’t stand the smell and my energy was to it’s extreme low.  So to all of you who are awaiting for another “secret” recipe (as if… LOL!) by me, you’d better be more patient. 

I was thinking of sharing recipes on how to make baby food when our new baby arrives.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Okay, now I need name suggestions for a girl.  Feel free to message me! 

Before I go, I just wanted to say that my favorite ultrasound photo is the last one at the bottom right.   She was nibbling on her cute tiny foot 🙂

Happy Holidays to all!

Dad and Mom’s Altar

mom’s altar

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Took this photo last Christmas day (2009) at my parent-in-law’s home in San Juan Manila. We stayed there for a couple of days and it was always refreshing to offer a prayer and visit their prayer room. 

Since the beginning of my marriage, I have learned a lot of simple Buddha teachings from my mother-in-law and it has provide my heart with more space to love others, not just myself and my family.

Friday Sickness is “Waiting” for you!

I am featuring my nephew’s high school band called FRIDAY SICKNESS. They started this band by themselves and once in a while, my nephew share some news about their new songs, their gigs and their videos. I totally support them for being so musical because I am a lover of music myself. I may not be able to understand the type of songs they write because of generation gap but this particular song I posted sounded very inspiring to me.

If you would like to know more about Friday Sickness, you can visit their Fan Page on Facebook.

The following are the band members:

Vocalist – Angelo Suni (he’s my nephew)
Rhythm Guitarist -Proibel Asi
Lead Guitarist – Jason Paala
Bassist – Cedrick Albuen
Drummer – Mark Vidses Pagaduan

If you like their song, feel free to leave a comment and that will help their band gain more attention online.  Watch out for more songs in the future!