About Me

My name is Joyce and yes, I am also called Doyd.  Don’t ask where I got that name because it’s a long story.  

I am a stay-at-home mom who works and owns a business from home. 

This weblog shares my interests, hobbies, favorite photos and new recipes.  Trying new recipes in my kitchen is one of my favorite thing to do.  It doesn’t only enhance my skill on creating nutritious meals, it also serves as a form of relaxation to me.  The challenge though is, if my family will like what I cook.

I thank my husband for supporting my interests.  You will eventually meet him through my future posts.  I also thank my Ferranco and Yu families (my critics, I will never forget how they reacted when I unintentionally “yes, unintentionally” cooked the saltiest fried chicken in the entire world) for inspiring me to do better all the time.  Most of all, I thank and praise my Lord for being my source of strength, peace and motivation.

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12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Anyooohasayooh !! ^^

    I’m an Arabian girl and I have question ,, Does Dukbokki contains any Alcohol/pig gelatin/pork ? and How does it taste ?
    Cuz in our religion Pig , Pork and Alcohol are not allowed !!
    I’m dying to cook Dukbokki and thanks ^^

    komaawoo !! XD


    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment…
      No it does not have pork or alcohol. Just rice cake and fish cake and of course, your spices to make it all korean tasting! Try it and let know how it goes!!! Good luck and enjoy!!!!


  2. I would like to try your char misua sometimes. My friend is half Chinese and she’s having her birthday on Tuesday. I might try to surprise her. Thank you!


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