A Tribute to my Mom

I created this video in 2012 for my Mom’s 68th birthday celebration.

Today in Manila – October 14, 2015 marks the 1st Anniversary of my Mom’s passing.  I just want to post this video and share to the world how beautiful, strong, talented, loving and compassionate my Mother was.  

Ma, I love you.  Nobody can ever know how much I miss you.  I miss your voice, I miss your smell, I miss you being around us, I miss everything about you… most of all, I miss your warm embrace.

I pray for your eternal rest.

Last photo taken with my Mom (August 2014)

One thought on “A Tribute to my Mom

  1. I am out  breath. You brought tears in my eyes rushing through my cheeks nonstop for a few minutes watching the video and your write ups.  Truly, your tribute is one of a kind from the bottom of your heart and soul and touches my heart and soul likewise.I miss her too especially her thoughtfulness and loud laugh. I am an adult, should not cry like this but memories triggers my emotion.  I miss both of my sisters, and sometimes I think I am nearing my expiration too.  I wish not yet closer because I’ve got to go to Italy first and Bethlehem. Take care Doyd,, not to worry and sad your Mom is in her eternal peace in Paradise with Elvis and all. RIP.  . For you, no doubt you are in good hands, with loving and responsible husband, two daughters to die for that are lovable, funny and smart. You are complete and fulfilled and lucky. So live life. You are my sunshine too.                                                                                                                                       Love always, auntie Richie

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