Letters that make my day… CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (Sponsor a Child)

Back in 2013, Bok asked me what I want to do when we grow older and what will make me happy during those times.  I clearly remember that day when he asked me that question, we were driving with the kids and when we do long drives, Bok and I enjoy talking about life, our families, our goals, plans and dreams.

I remember thinking deeply and asking myself, what will make me happy specially when I get older, after we raise our own children.  Only one thing came to mind… CHILDREN.  In 2014, I discovered Children International.  Together with my girls, we scoured profiles of needy children and finally picked Ariana and Arjon.  Ariana is a girl from Legazpi, Philippines and she is the same age as Jade (my eldest daughter) and because we don’t have a son in the family and we lost our little boy when I had a miscarriage in 2010, we decided to pick Arjon, a 5-year-old boy from the Philippines.

We’ve been sponsoring these two beautiful children for more than a year now; and to us, this journey is just beginning and we enjoy every moment and opportunity that we are able to help these children live better lives through our sponsorship with the help of Children International.

How does it feel to sponsor?  It’s PRICELESS.  No burden, no worries, no pressure, no second thoughts.

We love hearing back from Arjon and Ariana after we write them.  It keeps our relationship going as we learn about each other’s lives.  Funny thing, both of them don’t know that we are a Filipino-Chinese-American family.  We’ve been writing them in English and I never mentioned to them that we speak the language they speak.  We do this because we want to surprise them.  This coming December (2015), in coordination with Children International, we will be meeting these children face to face.  We will visit their homes, school and community in Legazpi, Philippines.  It’s going to be a trip of a lifetime.

Thanks to Children International for this great program, thanks to their great staff both from the U.S. and all around the world.

Thanks to Ariana and Arjon for these letters that always make my day.  See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Letters that make my day… CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (Sponsor a Child)

    1. Hi Love, my email address is JOYCEQFY@MAC.COM. Kamusta ka na? Ako ok naman. I had freedom and peace since I stopped using Facebook (hehehe) but I truly miss my friends (like you)…. Email mo Ako ha!


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