My Children… 


I am a Mother of our two most precious Angels, God-given, Life-motivating, and our source of Happiness. Having our children changed me as a person, made me a stronger woman, taught me to be more patient, fearless, selfless, brave, God-fearing, creative, hardworking, silly, nagging, fun-loving, and compassionate.  As our children grow, and as I age, I slowly realize my stages of growth when I was a child myself, growing up with 3 siblings being raised by our parents back in The Philippines.  Every stage, I tend to flash back and discern the struggle my parents had to overcome.  It’s not easy to raise children but it is definitely The Best thing in my life, my family.  My husband and our children they are the source of my strength. 
I got this book today from the Thrift Store in Tustin for only $0.50.  I am excited to learn more and understand how to inprove my parenting skills.  That’s another thing I learned as a parent, spending money wisely 😉 and THAT, is very important.

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