Corn-Flavored Ice Cream – Try it… You will love it!!!!

My family and I were in Chula Vista, California.  It is a small town in San Diego a few miles to the border of Mexico.  Because of it’s proximity to Mexico, you will feel like you are in Mexico when you walk the streets of Chula Vista’s commercial hang-outs.  A lot of authentic Mexican places to eat.

While waiting for someone, we entered this small place and we didn’t even know what they serve.  Upon seeing the pictures and prices on the wall, it took us about 10 minutes before we could order.  I had to feast my eyes into all goodies before I could really decide what I wanted to taste.

We always want to explore new flavors but when we saw the word “Corn” in the freezer, we just couldn’t say no.

I grew up in the Philippines eating corn ice cream, buying from Filipino ice cream peddlers called “Mamang Sorbetero.”  It’s a classic flavor every Filipino feels nostalgic about.  I’ve seen corn ice cream at Korean markets too.  If you have eaten sweet corn on a cob or canned sweet corn and even frozen sweet corn, it’s the same thing!  Try it!!  I suggest going to a Filipino, Korean or Mexican supermarket in your area.  Good luck and I hope to hear stories from people who will dare taste it (if it’s your first time – wink.. wink!).

What to order? Everything is new to me….
Found it!! Something I know but curious if it tastes the same as the Filipino version….
Sweet corn ice cream. Not too sweet, creamy and soft… I shared this cup with my husband and we enjoyed remembering our childhood days eating “sorbetes” in the Philippines.

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