Maíz con hielo (Corn with Ice) at Manila Sunset, National City California

Maíz con hielo is a cold, sweet and refreshing desert snack in the Philippines.  We used to make these a lot during the hot and humid summer months when we had no school.  It’s a very economical treat and it’s very easy to make even minors can do it themselves (except for opening a canned corn, they will need assistance from a grown-up)

The picture shown on my blog is a special version of Maíz con hielo.  I ordered this from a small Filipino restaurant in National City and their version includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small chunk of Leche Flan (Filipino Custard).  Really, when you want to make this, you don’t need these special ingredients.

Maiz con Hielo with Vanilla Ice cream and custard

Here’s the recipe for Maiz con Hielo


  • Canned sweet corn (Whole Kernel or Creamed Style)
  • Shaved Ice
  • White sugar
  • Evaporated Milk (or any milk available)…


In a large glass, put as much canned sweet corn that you like.  i usually put 1/4 cup or a little bit more.  Then add the shaved ice, sugar (depending on how sweet you want it to be) and milk.  That’s it!!!  Mix it well before enjoying.  You can add any special ingredients like sweetened fruits, nuts, granola, ice cream, etc.

Easy right?  I hope you can make some and show me some pictures of what you made.  I will make some for my children tomorrow, they love it!

By the way, because we were in a Filipino restaurant, we ordered other delicacies like the Bibingka (Charcoal steamed Rice Cake) and Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (Egg roll Crepe with Palm Hearts and vegetables).

Bibingka (Charcoal Steamed Filipino Rice Cake with salty cheese, sugar and freshly grated coconut
Lumpiang Ubod (Fresh Crepe rolled Palm Hearts and mixed vegetables topped with sweet sauce, peanuts, garlic…

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