Memorial Day weekend Farmer’s Market 

One of my favorite things to do with my family is going on a weekend Farmer’s market trip either locally or wherever we may be (when we are on a trip).  I enjoy looking at each stall showcasing their handcrafted products or organically grown produce and/or plants.

We take time walking and enjoying all the “free-taste” offered by each seller.  My kids get to taste the products and naturally, they ask us to buy more for them to consume on other days.  While we look around what’s available during the season, my husband and I get to plan what we want to cook together, weekday meal plans for the family and the entire weeks’ school and/or work lunch ideas.

Because going to the Farmer’s Market is more economical and healthy, we get to enjoy our food budget with freedom to purchase what is needed and wanted, making our weekend mornings an enjoyable family errand, street food, food exploration day.

One might say, it’s still expensive to go to a Farmer’s Market because only organically grown produce are available and these products are pricier than produce sold by bulk at big supermarkets.  Well, I learned from my own personal experience that buying all kinds of meat products and stocking processed food is the main reason why my food budget is exhausted easily.  When my family eats fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables, minimize our consumption of meat products and a lot of those “boxed goodies”, we have more spending money left to buy these all-natural foodstuff.

Enjoy the photos I took and imagine yourself at a Farmer’s Market.

For more information about Orange County Certified Farmer’s Market, just like the link.  Photos below were taken at the Saturday Irvine Farmer Market located at the Mariner’s Church parking lot.

Bought some fresh Cauliflowers for my cauliflower soup
Berries are everywhere!!! I bought some for my pancakes…
Always stock up some Hass Avocados for salads, breakfast, snacks, smoothies, etc.
Kale and Chard for our Detox Juicing
I am never out of Onions… Red Onions are great for salads…
Another necessity, Lemons are high in Vitamin C and is needed almost everyday in my kitchen.
My Asian ingredient that’s always available in my kitchen, Ginger!! I use it for juicing, soups, stir-fry, steamed fish, etc.
Everybody loves spinach!! I know someone who can’t live without it – POPEYE!!!
As requested by my little girl, we got some Yellow Peaches. It says “More sweet than my Mother’s Love,” to me, it was sweet but nothing beats my Mommy’s love 🙂
Very slim carrots for our Detox Juice
Beautiful Orchids for sale!!
Plants for sale too! This is where I got my beautiful Bougainvilleas…
Daikon radish very cheap and nutritious… I use this on soups and simple Japanese grated daikon
Cherries were everywhere!!!
My little girl enjoying the wide variety of “Free-Taste,” this is her favorite thing to do when we go to Farmer’s Markets… who wouldn’t enjoy doing this?
Kohrabi is a German Turnip. I pickle this, great as appetizer!
Fancy tomatoes.. Fancy mixing this into your salad?
Vegetable explorer! She loves discovering special fruits and vegetables…
Another attention-grabber, red radishes… beautiful and fresh. Easy to add on salads and stews…
It’s a must to always but a bouquet here… Price in the stores are 3 time more expensive!
Although my eldest daughter doesn’t enjoy eating these (Bitter Gourd Leaves/Dahon ng Ampalaya), she still tries her best to eat some to test her capacity to eat different tastes and textures.. I am so proud of her!
Final stop… my coffee from freshly ground organic coffee beans. This is LIFE!!!
Some street food vendors at the end of the market for people to enjoy and relax…



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