Cravin’ for Ramen ラーメン

When I went to Japan, my Japanese friend asked me what I wanted to eat.  She recommended Sushi but I said I wanted ramen (Japanese noodle soup dish).  She was surprised that I “only” wanted ramen.  My reason was that, I can eat high grade sushi in California but I have never found an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant in the USA that makes their ramen like they do in Japan (cooking the stock for hours).

My favorite ramen flavor is Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) but ramen comes in many varieties depending on where you are eating it in Japan.

When I crave for ramen, I go to our local Mitsuwa Marketplace or Marukai and I buy fresh ingredients and make it at home.  Today I made ramen using pork tenderloin meat from my freezer.  Ramen is usually eaten with thin slices of pork roast with a little fat for richer flavor but my pork tenderloin version garnered thumbs-up from my family.  

Cravin’ for ramen?  It’s really easy to make.


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