Growing Sprouts with my Kids

Growing my own sprouts was an idea I learned from my brother.  I researched about it and how beneficial and healthful it will be for me and my family.

I invested on a Victorio 4-Tray Seed Sprouter, I read the manual, watched YouTube tutorials and with my daughters, we enjoyed germinating and growing our sprouts.









Our first harvest proved really effective.  The best discovery I had was that our girls love to eat them.  Growing sprouts being easy and money-saving plus fun simply makes it a worthwhile experience we will be doing from now on.

The next challenge was how do I make my children eat these.  We are not vegetarians but our children adapts well to new tastes and textures.  How do I make them eat it?  First I let them try a little piece of what they planted on their own.  That makes it more meaningful for them.  Then I prepare, cook or mix the sprouts with their favorite recipes like plain micro-greens mixed with their favorite soy dressing (see Mei’s cute YouTube video on top of this page),  add it to my daughter’s sandwich for school lunch or make our children’s favorite:  Vegetable Pancake made of sprouts and a lot of other simple dishes I am sure they will love.

I can’t wait to learn to grow sprouts from a Jar.  That will come next on my blog.



4 thoughts on “Growing Sprouts with my Kids

  1. Hi Joyce, what beans would I use to get bean sprouts that used in a lot of Vietnamese dishes? Thank you for these great posts! Thuy


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