The Ultimate Filipino Elvis Fan (STORYLINE)

Remedios Quintos Ferranco was featured on a local Philippine show called Storyline. This documentary shows us the Remy Ferranco we all know and how much she loves being an Elvis Presley fan.

If you have twenty minutes available, keep on reading and watching.  This is a video of my Mom when she was featured on TV in a show called “Storyline.”  It was during their season 3 when this show was broadcasted on Philippine TV, I think in 2008 if I remember well.

Being away for my Mom, and watching this video makes me feel so enthusiastic about seeing her soon when we visit her this summer.  To all of her friends who will be watching this.. feel free to send her a message through me.

She’s strong, she’s hardworking, she’s proud, she’s loving and she’s an avid fan.  My Mom.

Storyline:  “Everyone is a story”


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Filipino Elvis Fan (STORYLINE)

  1. Hi! I’m one of the Philippine ETAs and Tita Remy is a good friend of mine. I called her early this year, but unfortunately I lost my mobile phone. May I ask for your mom’s number. By the way, when will be her birthday or any occasion like anniversary , I want to surprise her with my latest Elvis songs, a singing telegram.


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