Les Misérables – The Official Trailer (2012)

The story of my life’s Les Misérables

I first learned about this musical when I was a sophomore back in high school.  Each class was to perform a broadway musical presentation and our class picked Les Miserables.  I played Cosette.  It was a memorable day…. too bad we didn’t have a video camera then.  Find me on the photo below…

During those younger years, I never heard about Les Mis before and I only knew and heard songs from The Sound of Music, Grease, and Cats.  It was during these years when my passion for music was at it’s best.

University of the Philippines Integrated School – 9 Silver (1990)

I took voice lessons since I was 8 and it was during my early teens in 1989 was when I first attempted to audition for a musical and sang On My Own (from Les Mis) and I Still Believe (from Miss Saigon)

In 2001, my husband and I watched Les Misérables at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco.  Once the orchestra started playing their ensemble, I had tears in my eyes.  Literally, tears pouring down my cheeks.  It was a dream come true.

At present, as a mother who loves this production, I have greatly influenced my “almost” 8-year-old daughter and she can now sing most of the songs from this musical.  Now I have to work on my 13-month-old 🙂

Here’s my daughter singing Castle on a Cloud (2010)

I can’t wait to see this movie and own a DVD.  I am proud to be a Les Miz fan!


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