Before I was a Mom … I never felt how it was to instantly love a stranger the moment you held them in your arms after birth.  It was a feeling of unfathomable love.

Before I was a mom … I had a shower in the morning and before I went to bed.

Before I was a mom … everything I saw my Mom did for me was a mystery.  I questioned every decision she made for me, protested against her strict ways of running the household, felt embarrassed with her when she just wanted to spend time with me, and never quite appreciated her sacrifice for me.

Before I was a mom … I had my career and my professional social life.  I wore tailored clothes and high-heeled shoes.  I blow-dried my hair everyday and I didn’t smell like baby powder, chicken teriyaki, or Clorox spray.

Before I was a mom … I never had to check on anybody at night and made sure they are warm and snuggled in their blankets.  I slept all night long and woke up late specially on weekends.

Before I was a mom … I ironed my jeans.

Before I was a mom … our home was completely clean and neat.  No hand prints on the sliding glass doors, no toys under the bed, no rubber duckies in the tub, no colorful mismatched utensils in my kitchen, no dolls and knick knacks anywhere in the house.  It was truly immaculate.

Before I was a mom … it wasn’t a diaper bag or an extra-large purse for me…

Before I was a mom … I loved to go window shopping.  Spent hours driving around town, store-hopping and shopping.

Before I was a mom … I only have two to three loads of laundry in a week.  I didn’t care about the cost of laundry soap, the price of bringing clothes to the cleaners, and the cost of clothes even if I didn’t like the style.

Before I was a mom

I was ignorant and life was incomplete.  Motherhood taught me honor and made me selfless.

However, this post is not about me nor is it for me.  It is for my Mommy.

My Mommy who tried her best to provide us with everything we needed.  She sacrificed a lot, thinking that what she was doing was always for the good of her children.  She taught me to be ambitious, thrifty, compassionate, honest, God-loving, hardworking, and most importantly, she made sure I know how to love my family with all my heart and commit myself to being a good mother and wife.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.  I love you Ma!


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