Blogging with my iPhone, wow to technology and to my gadgets that make life easier. But life to me is not only about new things because treasure-keeping (a.k.a. “clutter collection) is my kind of thing.

Nostalgic photos of my childhood is what I love to tinker with when I am not busy.

But wait, this post is not about my old pictures… It’s about my new old toy gifted to me by my one and only big brother on his birthday. Yes!!! You read that right, on his birthday, I got this gift from him. Am I lucky or what?!

With my new toy (Japan’s NIKOMAT FTn 1965-1975) I am too excited to capture special memories and new photos of people, places, interesting things, and food – more to share here for everybody to enjoy.

So… Watch out! Do not forget, I am an amateur photographer, but I love what I do.



3 thoughts on “NIKOMAT FTn Film

  1. This was an unexpected find Doyd. Remember the story of how I got to purchase this camera from an antique store in Santa Margarita? It was not a coincidence. I decided to stop in this old quaint town to stretch my legs and to get some fresh air after driving for a while. When I saw the camera my very first thought was you. Do you recall telling me how you wanted to get into film photography? I was seriously contemplating which camera to give you so you can appreciate the joy of delayed gratification in shooting film. Suddenly, “voila!” A mint Nikomat FTN film camera from the early 60’s sitting on a dusty glass shelving of a vitrine in an antique store in Central California. Fully functional with a 50 mm., 1.4 glass! It was a sweet find indeed. It was definitely for you Doyd, no doubt.

    I look forward to seeing your photographs taken with this camera. Let me know if you have any questions or inquiries.

    Enjoy and keep on shooting. Film!


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