My new Japanese Nakiri-bocho (菜切り包丁) vegetable knife

To me, what’s  more important when cooking are not just the ingredients nor the pots but the knives I use to carefully and craftily carve, chop, slice, dice, mince and cut my fresh ingredients.  I’ve been wanting to have one of these traditional Japanese vegetable knife to partner with my ceramic santoku but I couldn’t find one at the local stores except online.  I wanted to hold and feel the knife before purchasing it because it’s critical for me to hold and feel the grip and weight of the knife before I actually use it in my kitchen.

One can read more about the history of this oldest kitchen knife from Japan from lots of resources online.  I have compiled a couple of sites I have visited myself and I am truly awed by the beauty of this hand-crafted tool. Precision is the key…. I love my Santoku and my new Nakiri-Bocho knives 🙂

Someday, I want to have my own authentic hand-crafted Japanese forged knives straight from Japan.

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One thought on “My new Japanese Nakiri-bocho (菜切り包丁) vegetable knife

  1. Wow. I want one too! You have to be careful when handling your knife, technique is essential and practice is the only way to perfection. I am so happy for you Doyd. I think I will stick with my German knives. I have some battle scars that are quite unforgettable. My left thumb can attest to that. Thanks for the links.


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