tsim sha tsui alley (hong kong)

tsim sha tsui alley
Originally uploaded by doyd74

A break from cooking. This photo was taken by me during my first trip to Hong Kong last December 2009 with my family. It was a 7-day side trip to Hong Kong, after visiting Manila for the holidays.

To me, Hong Kong is full of character that needs to be experienced by any person who craves the extraordinary culture of the East. I wanted to capture an image of Hong Kong that will remind me of the “feel” I had when I was there experiencing the country.

The high-rise Hong Kong apartments captured my attention. Just like in Japan (my dream country to visit someday), I like the idea that people can live in small homes because they have to accustom their lifestyle to what resources they have.

My photo shows the busy street along the alley of Tsim Sha Tsui but atop the commercial ground are the quiet homes of Hongkongese. The gloomy and chilly mood during winter time makes it over-the-top for me.

I think I really left my heart… not in San Francisco – but in Hong Kong.


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