my pot

On this blog, I will share a  wide variety of recipes of my own version.  I remember, started helping in the kitchen at the age of about 8, probably even younger, I just don’t remember exactly.  My mom let us help by slicing green beans and potatoes using a butter knife just to get the hang of being in the kitchen.  It was indirectly know that my kitchen skills were upgraded when I was allowed to hold a kitchen peeler and started working on peeling turnips for our mid-afternoon snack after playing with friends in our old childhood apartment in Loyola Heights, Katipunan.  Oh, I also do remember that when I am able to chop onions back then, that means I am truly a big kid and I am in control of what I’m doing 🙂  I still remember that feeling.  I was really excited about being able to help out in the kitchen.

Growing up with both parents working, my siblings and I learned specific chores at home.  We were given specific responsibilities and these became our training ground.  My home, my parents and my childhood was definitely my foundation and it helped me learn to love what I have and appreciate the small things I own.


2 thoughts on “my pot

  1. Hello Joyce,
    Just got on your blog. This site is going to make me hungry!!!
    Gee, I was hoping for some controversial political blogs on here that I
    could respond to. oh well!


    1. Hello Ken! I’m glad you finally had time to visit my blog. Sorry, I never want to publicize my political views 🙂 Here you will just learn about me… all about Me and what I love to do. Hopefully, you can cook up some of my recipes when we visit you again!!!!


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