Is blogging for me too?

Finally, a blog site where I  can hopefully religiously share my posts about me and my world.  It took months for me to decide where to finally create an account and I have chosen wordpress in the end.  Why?  I don’t know, maybe because of the color scheme and the simplicity of the themes I see online.

I’m really excited about this!  I actually don’t know where to start but I guess by writing this, I have already started my first post.

There’s a lot going on in my mind.  I want to say this, I want to say that, do I have to mention this, should I mention that! Ha ha!  Let me pause for a few moments…. To my reader/s (or just myself if I will be the only one reading this), thank you for spending time to visit my blog site.

Mostly, I will be talking about my passion on cooking and amateur photography.  I am excited to upload my photos not to show off but to see it organized online and ready for sharing firstly to my family and friends, then to the world.

Well, let’s start this!


One thought on “Is blogging for me too?

  1. This is cool tol. I have always wanted to start a glob. I mean a bolg. Or should I say, a blog! Your thoughts are very much appreciated and the pictures give them the justice it deserves. Continue on and I will be there to support you for as long as you “tag” me!


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